Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And that's the way the cookie crumbled!

My computer at work has decided it doesn't like blogspot, and I don't know what the aggression is all about, so I'm now home from school and I should be in bed right now because I have an early wake up call to go work out, but wanted to get around to getting my post up.

Today started off chilly and windy and tonight it's getting in the 30's-40's, and before you northern people start laughing (yeah,that's right, I hear you, lol). That is chilly for us Floridians and doesn't mother nature know when to stop with these surprise cold fronts that come through? Today, no joke, I felt like Dorothy taking a trip back to Kansas with tornado like winds. I was about to start clicking my ruby slippers together and keep repeating "there's no place like home". What happened to this kind of weather??

These are a few pictures from our beach day a couple of weekends ago during my bloggy hiatus! It was a gorgeous day but today was definitely not beach weather with the winds. I can't complain though, we do get awesome weather here and sometimes I think I'm crazy for wanting to move out of this state, lol!

All this talk about wind leads me to talk about my day at work and what a Tuesday it was. Well, it was about 1:30 or 2pm, give or take I don't know, but we were all going about our business working and then all the sudden out of no where we hear this horrific noise and it went dark which led us all to believe that a.) our office was getting bulldozed or b.) a plane or helicopter had just crashed nearby or c.) both. But it turns out that the winds had caused a branch to fall on the powerline thus causing the noise that about gave us a heart attack and caused chaos and a fire across the street and the wind didn't help. So here our office is now without power and there's a fire brewing outside. The fire people came and got the fire out, and that's great, but still, no power, haha!! So this is fun, a receptionist with the phone and nobody to talk to, ha..... fine by me I say! And so we worked in the dark (what little work we could do with no power), and went to the restroom by candlelight. Yep, we just wanted to add a little romance to the cleansing process, haha!!!

Ohhhhhhhh, and then to top that off... of course after all this happened we all congregated outside and my sweet co-worker's shoes found their way into some dog droppings (if you know what I mean) while standing in the grass and had no idea and proceeded to come into the office and so you can only imagine the smell that intoxicated the joint and we, for the life of us, couldn't figure out where it was coming from and then we found the culprit, the SHOE, bless her heart. It just added to the excitement of the day, if nothing else. So 4pm rolls around and I have to head out for school. As of that time we were still without power, so I said chaio, have fun, I'm out like a light (haha, I thought that was pretty clever). So we'll see what tomorrow holds, and if we're still without power, it's going to make for one loooooooooooong day!!!!

So off to school I went. Decided to treat myself to Wendy's and got a cold hamburger and they forgot my croutons for my caesar salad..... :o(

And that's the way the cookie crumbled on this fine Tuesday!!! Wednesday, could you please not be as exciting??


Melissa said...

It's been chilly here too! But, tomorrow is back to Spring weather they say! You did have a day! Whew!!

Shauna said...

L♥ve the pictures! Today was finally warmer here. ♥ Hugs!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

wow that is cold for y'all! i want to go to the beach! have a good workout!

Loree said...

I had a bad Tuesday too. It was just one of those days. The weather was nice and sunny and I just wanted to get outside. Work felt like a prison...but anyway, doing much better this morning :)

Shannon said...

shew..craziness! What a day, girl! Hope you got some power back at work today!! :)

Jacquie said...

Oh, how funny! Now, think about being in the dark like that for 10 days! It's a long time. I don't want to do that again any time soon.

Have a pleasant Wednesday!

Carpoolqueen said...

Cold burger? Aw, man! Wendy's is my favorite burger joint, too. I would have had words, and they would not have been nice.