Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C25K- Week 2 & OOTD.

Okay, so I realize that my post lately have been few and far between, and trust me, this isn’t going to become strictly a running blog, ha. And honestly, it’s just been nothing but school, work, and exercise for me, ha! So in keeping up with my c25k updates. Here you go:

So, I just finished up my second week of c25k.

I can honestly say I’m LOVING it. The waking up at 5am, not so much. But with that said, when my run is finished I am REALLY glad I did it and makes waking up early worth it.

I’ve been keeping with the schedule that I posted previously and have two weeks down. WooHoo!!!

I’ve noticed that the running has become easier. Trust me, nowhere near where I should be.

In fact, today I feel like I could use a wheelchair. Between the shred and running, ouchy ouch. No pain, no gain, right??? :) But I don’t seem to get winded as easy and trying to perfect my breathing. It’s a work in progress.

38 days until my first 5k.

I say, bring it on c25k, week 3.

How is this for a thrilling post? I promise to do better.

I just never thought I’d be on my way to a 5k and running, and just want to document it for me.

And just because, my outfit of the day. Yay for spring, and yay for dresses!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

YAY! :) You go girl! :)
You're doing great!!!

I'm totally jealous of your is COLD here today and has been all week!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Keep up that good work!!!!

Lovin' your dress. I cant wait until it stops SNOWING & is over 40 degrees so I can pull out the spring dresses!!!

Hanna said...

good job sis!! i just finished week 1 of c25k yesterday. i love it too -- i can already tell after 3 times that i am able to run better without almost dying! ;) glad i get to see ur progress too! IM NOT ALONE! HAHA

Lindsey said...

You are doing fab and that dress looks AMAZING on you!

C said...

I'm starting C25K the first week of May! I don't do much right now for physical activity but I'm really excited to start!

Rosie said...

You are doing such a good job! And I like hearing about your running...motivates me to try harder :)

Stephanie the PW said...

Cute dress! I just randomly stumbled on your blog and twitter (when I go blog surfing, it's totally random and one thing leads to another!) Your blog sounds like a fantastic read!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Wow good luck! People like you are so inspiring to people like me who can barely run a whole mile!

Sara said...

YAY!! You're doing great! Don't give up yet, I promise it gets a little easier, a little better and little more as the weeks go by. One of these days you'll actually miss running on your off days! Shocking, I know! I used to feel the same way. Keep up the awesome work! Your 5K will be here before you know it!

Ellen Grant said...

Ugh! I've been working on running, too, and it's kinda hard! Oh, and is there really such a thing as spring in FL? I thought you could wear spring dresses year round! =)