Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday randoms!

Happy Monday everyone!!

And with Monday comes some randoms :)

Last weekend I was over at my brother and SIL’s house and was trying to get some pictures of my niece!! Not so easy as these pictures will prove.

Added one more on my list of shows to watch and that’s Harry’s Law. Any of y’all catch the first episode? SO good!

I didn’t watch the big games to see who’d make it into the Super Bowl. Does that make me un-american? If it’s not college football, then it doesn’t interest me.

My sister was at the Ringling Brother’s Circus over the weekend and texted me this picture. Kind of makes me want to join the circus, ha!

Anyone else find this combo kind of odd???

I think I'm the only one on the planet who doesn’t keep up with all the Real Housewives shows? I haven’t watched a single one!

Finished up Tori Spelling’s first book sTORI Telling. Oh my word, the 90210 drama. I’ve read 4 books so far this year.

Here’s a picture of my cute dog snuggled up last night with me in bed. You couldn’t even see his face, ha!

I'm dying to know what Oprah's big secret is?? They've really hyped this up!

Has anyone seen the previews for the next episode of "My Strange Addictions" on TLC? This is disturbing on SO many levels.

I can't do this justice, this guy addicted to this doll, you just had to have seen the previews.....


And I'll leave you with that!!


Erin said...

I haven't seen any of the Real Housewives shows either. You are not alone!

Annie said...

i didn't watch any football either, no interest at all.
i also can't wait to hear what oprah's big secret is!!
your pup is so cute! :)
and that strange addiction show is too disturbing for me, i can't watch it. haha!

Melissa said...

I just started getting semi-interested on Football because my husband loves the Jets and they were in the playoffs again.

I watch all the Real Housewives and pretty much anything else that Bravo spits out lol.

I cannot wait to watch that freak who is obsessed with his doll!

Angie said...

My favorite Real Housewives is Orange County....I wonder if it is coming back on again? I watch Beverly Hills too, but haven't watched any of the other ones.

I love the pic of your sleeping cute!

have a great week girl :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

BTW, love your new blog look! :)

The pics of your niece are cute! It is so easy to take pics of Cohen right now, but I know we are going to be in a stage quickly when I need a faster camera! ha...

And YES at my house, we were watching the football games yesterday! AND we are super excited about the Steelers going to the Super Bowl again! ;) By we, I mainly mean Brandon...

Karah said...

Your neice is so cute!! You will have to let me know about oprahs big secret. I haven't heard anything. maybe we can have a phone chat today. :)

Rosie said...

I couldn't ever get a good pic when my little one was in that jumper either. She's cute either way though!
You're right. You aren't American for not watching NFL. lol!
That guy is for real freaky! I've watched something on tv like this before, and they are creepy. So disturbing.
And can I just say, eww about the Justin Beiber cover? He's like 12! lol.
Oh yea, And you are missing out on the Housewives. It's my secret addiction.

Ashley said...

I haven't seen the previews for that episode of My Strange Addiction, but I seriously can't watch that show. I tried one episode and it about made me want to throw up! haha

Tiffany said...

I don't keep up with the Real Housewives anymore either! So you're not alone. :) Love the pics!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Your niece is so precious!!

And why is that Bieber kid on the cover of Vanity Fair?!?!?!?

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

That last picture with the addiction thing just looks weird. I don't think I'll be watching that one!