Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Biltmore House

I have finally located my camera cord and got the rest of my pictures from my trip to NC on my computer.

Wanted to share with you the pictures from our trip to the Biltmore House.

I’ve been there one other time. Click here for those pictures. It was in the Spring time and was beautiful. Now I’ve been in the Winter and would love to go back in the Fall.

At Christmas time it is SO beautifully decorated and just magical. I could never get tired of this house!

I picked out my bedroom and everything. I’m moving in, the Vanderbilt’s just don’t know it yet :)

Enjoy the pictures!

My Mom, her hubby, and Ian.

My new home.

View from the front lawn.

Me and Emma.

Me :)

Above the entry way when you walk into the house.

More views from the house looking out!

My Mom and me.

This is the house as we were leaving at night. Ummm, beautiful!

And in the courtyard they had a bunch of trees lit up. Best picture I could get.

You can't take any pictures in the house, BOO!! But I just love the Biltmore. And if you've never been there, you must go. It's quite the experience.

I think I have a couple of more posts maybe from the trip and then I'm all caught up :)


Rachel said...

I absolutely adore Biltmore! I've never seen it all decorated for Christmas before though, and I totally want to. We were supposed to go last Christmas when we were in the mountains, but it snowed too heavily :( Loved your pics!

Rosie said...

I've never heard of that. Beautiful!

Rebecca Jo said...

Um... I'll let you have a room, but I think its MY house... it has a "V" over the door... see? :)

That picture with the GOLD tones of the sun over the acres - GORGEOUS!!!!

you're always so darn cute!

Heather said...

So beautiful! Biltmore is on my places to visit!!!

Jacquie said...

Gosh that is beautiful and huge!! The views are amazing as well!

Kim said...

The pictures are amazing, and a beautiful view!!! I'm sure you do wish this could be yours. Ha. :) Thanks for your prayers from my post about my mom, it means a lot!!!

Whitney said...

Can I come live with you in the Biltmore?

Angie said...

Amazing pics girl...I wanna go there :)

Spicy Magnolia said...

It's an amazing place! Matt and I went a few years ago in the summer, but I thought it would be amazing to be in the winter with it all decorated for Christmas.

Justin and Jessica said...

I had never heard of this place! It looks incredible!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I just showed my husband your pictures and we decided to roadtrip up there soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Wow, what a house! I have got to get out there to see it sometime. It looks so pretty!

Katie said...

I have lived in NC almost my whole life and have never made it to the Biltmore Estates. I am totally jealous - begging my husband to take me tonight!