Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skype night!

I am truly blessed with the friends God has put in my life. I have such a diverse group of friends and each one brings something different to my life. That’s what is so great about friendships.

This past Saturday I had girl’s night with a couple of girls that I went to Court Reporting school with, they have since graduated and I’m still plugging along.

Sarah and Jennifer have been some of my biggest cheerleaders and I know we will all be friends for years to come. It’s nice to be able to pick their brains and get their stories and experiences now that they are working out in the real world of Court Reporting.

Two other girls were supposed to make it to the girl's night but they couldn’t, so it was just the three of us. Actually, I forgot to include one more, the other Sarah who also went to school with us but relocated and now lives out in California. We were supposed to have a pizza and movie night but we ended up having a pizza and skype night and ended up talking with Sarah over skype the whole evening, it was so much fun.

Here we are, group picture, ha! Pretty funny, eh?

I am new to the world of skype and I LOVE it and downloaded it on my own computer….. hello, where have I been? It’s pretty amazing!!! You feel like you are all just right there together.

Here’s Jennifer and I.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of this night and don’t have a picture of all 3 of us… But seriously, the movie could wait… Chatting and catching up was so much better and full of laughs.

Plus, I think next girl's night we’re going to go see this movie when it comes out. So we’ll get our movie in then!!!

Do ya’ll skype???


Aishlea and Brandon said...

How fun! I've never skyped before. But I do want to go see that movie! I'm supposed to have a girls trip to the movies to see the Last Song.... :)

Rebecca Jo said...

We Skype with our grandbabies... nothing cuter then seeing a 2 yr old "fist bump" the computer screen when his Pappy knuckles up to him...

I'm so upset, I dont have any friends up here who love Sex & the City & I lived for that show & am so excited about the 2nd movie!!!

Jess :) said...

You totally already know I Skype and LOVE it to pieces!! Being able to see Jorgen "LIVE" is the BEST!!! :) So glad you joined the Skyping world.

Jordan said...

It is awesome! My sister does it with some of her friends who are off to college and we did it with my cousin and her mom and step-dad on Christmas!

Spicy Magnolia said...

I LOVE Skype!! I've used it for family, friends half way across the globe. Had special conversations using it. Enjoy your time!!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I love girls nights...and I rarely get them anymore, so it is a real treat. Cute pictures, as always!! :)

Rebekah said...

The pic of the 3 of ya'll makes me laugh!

Holly said...

Hehehe I like your group picture! yes, we Skype with mum's family overseas - not very often though.