Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faith & Drinking!

I write on these two topics without any hesitation and this is my little corner of the internet so why shouldn’t I be able to write about it. Whether you have faith, you don’t have faith, drinking is a topic we ALL come across. Some may not drink, some may. Some may think it makes you less of a Christian if you do and some may think it makes you more spiritual if you don’t.

As for me and this gal, I serve the Lord and love him with all of my heart and still learning this walk day by day ..but admit I may have some wine or beer on occasion.

After reading that last sentence some of your opinions of me might change, some might stay the same. I share this with you because I want to be as real as real can get and I don’t want to portray anything less.

You may wonder why I bring this up. But in my experience this past month, the subjects of faith and drinking went hand in hand.

I had the opportunity to be introduced to somebody in hopes that maybe he and I might be able to get to know each other better. Well, it proceeded to go nowhere based on the issue of drinking.

He had his opinions and experiences to base his viewpoints on concerning drinking and they vary from mine. But when it came to the end it basically summed up to that he didn’t want to be involved with anyone who drinks.

The whole reason the topic of drinking came up was because he saw a picture on Facebook where I had a drink in my hand. And from then on he had already formed a perception of me. What hurt me the most was the possibility that he wouldn’t take the chance to get to know me based on pictures he saw on Facebook or this perception he formed in his mind of how I choose to live my life and felt like my character was in question.

Unfortunately, he was not open to getting to know me or seeing what could happen. In the end it was going to be nothing but a friendship and he was interested in talking about this some more. Honestly, at this point in my life I am not looking for another “friend”. I’m looking for something more. So I expressed that it was probably best that we both move on.

The whole thing was a good learning experience.

I think the biggest thing I've learned is I now know I am ready to get out there and meet someone. I had a lot of emotion put into this, more so than I thought. And I asked the Lord that if this wasn't meant to be, then shut the doors and if it was then leave the doors open and make the way. He showed me very clearly.

And I know God has someone very special out there for me, but he’s just holding out on his best!!



Angie S said...

I am a Christian!

I love God!!

I drink.

I don't think there is anything wrong with that!

I was raised in a Lutheran church and drinking {in moderation} was okay and not frowned upon.

I love that you posted about this...we will all answer to God someday and do everyday as we walk through the life he has laid out for us. I live it in the way that he leads me and I think that a few drinks are okay in his eyes.

Just my opinion...all of us have one:)

Jordan said...

I still love you, Lauren! I don't think an occasional drink is bad at all. I think drinking comes down to what he or she was taught growing up, whether they are religious or not. I have a friend who grew up in a house where they occasionally had wine and her husband was raised in a family that has a history of alcoholics. My friend does not drink anymore because she is a youth pastor's wife but she doesn't think an occasional drink is bad. It really depends on the person! I do not for one second think it makes you any less of a Christian.

Rebecca Jo said...

You go girl! Talk about this... I cant wait for you to see the support & backing on your view on this!!!

But amen sista! God showed you, didnt he - shut that door! I love a God that protects us & shows us what's best for us...

No worries - that man is out there who is going to love you for EVERYTHING you are... Excited for you on your journey as you two find each other!!!!
Love ya girlie!!!!!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

This is a really interesting topic for me! I was NEVER a big drinker, and then in my last year of college had a friend who was a bad influence on me and you could catch me drinking almost every weekend. That kind of drinking, in my opinion, is really detrimental...not only to your relationship with God, but it's just destructive to your life and relationships in general!

These days, I wouldn't say that I 'don't' drink, but it is certainly not something I do often or excessively (having one drink at dinner or with friends). I feel like I am more at peace now with my choices, and yes, like you, I have a drink every now and then! I definitely don't think an occasional drink is bad or detrimental to my life or my relationship with God.

These kinds of issues are His way of showing us what we need. That someone is out there...and He is obviously saving His best for you!!

Jenny said...

I am also a Christian and love God!

I drink on occasion and I don't think there is anything wrong with it!

It becomes a problem when it becomes your life....

But having a drink every now and then is fine!

Good topic to blog about! =)

Kayla said...

Gosh, I'm Christian, I believe in God and I Drink as well! It's sad that people make up their minds about others without even getting to know the real person inside! It's his loss, frankly. There is someone great out there and God will make your path to that special person very clear, on His terms and when He wishes to do so! :-) SO, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Katie said...

ahhh! Reading this frustrated me! What the heck is that dudes problem?!?! We serve a loving God, not a condemning, judgemental God! He loves you just the same no matter if you drink, no matter WHAT. That is the problem with the "church" today in general--shutting people out for stupid little reasons. We need to be more accepting and loving of people. That's what Jesus would have done anyway! ugh. That frustrates me. Lets put it this way, Lauren. Any guy who is that extreme, or can form judgements like that off of one picture is NOT the guy for you my dear friend.

PS: When this pregnancy is over, I am enjoying myself a beer, thankyouverymuch. I love Jesus with all my heart, too-and he loves me just the same ;)

praying for your perfect match!

Mrs. Dew said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having an occasional glass of wine or cocktail. I don't think any less of you and I'm sure God doesn't either.

Melissa said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. I'm a Christian girl that loves God but also really like a good drink! I think that's perfectly fine.

Annie said...

i am shocked at this man....in my opinion he is passing up a great opportunity to get to know a fabulous lady!! his loss....

i believe in god.
i don't go to church.
i pray.
i enjoy a drink or two. maybe too often.

i don't think there is anything wrong with it. i'm a good person. as i know you are. you are amazing lady. this man is not for you, he prejudged you by a photo on facebook and a drink in your hand. that is wrong.

the "right" man will come into your life. he will love you for you, every little thing about you. the good things, the bad things. no one is perfect.

i'm glad you posted this hun. i think no different of you :) you are amazing!!

hope you are having a good week sweet girly!! hugs!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I don't think that just because you have a drink every once in a while that you love Jesus any less. Sadly, I've been judged harshly on this very matter.

I respect those who don't (good grief, my husband was a Southern Baptist pastor for *years* and never touched alcohol, and his parents still don't) but I am always grateful when the respect is given to me as well.

I'm sorry the guy situation worked out that way. Keep your chin up, girl.

Jess said...

What an important post!!!

While I respect his decision to not be involved with someone who drinks, he is obviously not for you. His stance on alcohol is a personal choice..... just because you make a different choice doesn't mean that either of you is wrong.

I'm a Christian..... I love God.... I occasionally drink. Please don't feel like anyone is judging you!!

You will find the RIGHT man for you!! He is out there!!

Kassie said...

Love this post. I grew up with my Irish Catholic father and Greek Orthodox mother--obviously two classes of families who are known for family get-togethers and drinking! While now, as an adult, I consider myself a Christian (no denomination) and don't drink, it's not because of any personal convictions, I just don't like to! I think the last time I did was a sip of champagne for a toast at my friend's wedding a year ago. I actually never knew (I'm naive!) that some Christians thought drinking was bad until I got to college, of all places! I grew up in the Church, with my parents and other grownups drinking a glass here and there. I also was raised in other countries, where drinking a beer every once in awhile is a part of the culture!

And then I had a college roommate who judged my family because they had a glass of wine at dinner! She said that meant they were "Christians", as in with quote marks! Couldn't believe it. I don't believe at ALL that people should drink until they are obliterated, falling-down-drunk, but once in awhile is fine, even if I don't myself--Jesus drank wine throughout the New Testament, for goodness sake!

Overall, what I'm saying, is that Christians are so judgmental against each other, and esp with this topic, as I've come to understand! I follow Jesus, and whatever I feel about Him is what I will do, not what others' tell me. Thanks for such a great topic, and something I've actually been thinking about recently as I'm looking for my own "perfect match"! :)

Staci said...

Oh girl, I struggle with this! I am not a drinker. Never have been. I don't like wine, beer or champagne. I do occasionally enjoy a mixed drink, but even that is extremely rare.

I do NOT think any less of you for your occasional drink. It's the people who get wasted or trashed that ruin it for everyone. People seem to associate drinking of any kind with getting drunk. I'm sure we can all agree that getting WASTED is definitely not ok. But if you're seen with a drink in your hand (regardless if it's only 1 drink) then people think go into judgement mode because they think drink = drunk.

Ugh...hate it when 1 rotten apple spoils the bunch!

Good topic Lauren! Still love ya!!

Heather said...

aw I'm really sorry this date didn't work out but I have faith that God is readying you for his ultimate match! Hang in there!

Garrett and Meagan said...

OMG. Some people are so uppity! I'm so happy that God gave you a clear sign in this one. I agree, a drink every now and then is not bad. Sheesh, even Jesus drank wine!!!

Tami said...

Hey girlie! ;)
I'm not a drinker now, but had my fair share back in the day. Grew up in a family/church that was absolutely 100% against it. BUT, I grew up & decided to search for myself in the scriptures, and they ate quite clear that wine IN EXCESS is wrong. The scriptures have plenty to say about drunkenness. So, although I don't drink now just because I don't like to, I've come to the conclusion that an occasional drink is ok for a Christian as long as he or she keeps their head on straight!!
Clearly God closed this door for you, and nothing's more awesome than when He makes it THAT clear!
Better things are out there for ya girl! You're a beautiful person & someday, some young man is going to be verrry blessed to find such a treasure!
Love ya!