Thursday, October 8, 2009

Love Revolution!

As much fun as my recent trip to Vegas was, I had an experience that will be forever etched in my mind. On the way out there I sat next to a young couple on the plane. She was a foot doctor and he was a Chemistry teacher and Football coach. They were from Tennessee. She was out there for a seminar for continuing education. Instantly she and I got to talking and hit it off, and showed me what love and human kindness is all about.

By the end of that flight, they not only let me eat some of their snacks, but let me watch a DVD movie with them and share their IPOD and listen to music. We were staying at different hotels but we took the same shuttle and they were even willing to pay my tip to the driver but I wouldn't let them. And all this from complete strangers. By the end of all of that we ended up exchanging numbers and texting throughout the trip and now we're Facebook friends, ha!

Everything about this really impacted me!

Think about it, what if we all started a Love Revolution . What if we all made a point throughout our day to do one act of love and kindness for somebody. Think of the chain reaction.

Do you want a Revolution? Whoop Whoop!!

Okay, I'm no Kirk Franklin..... But we all have the power to start a Revolution, and lets make it a Revolution of LOVE. And come back and let me know one act of love and kindness you did today!!

And to top this story off, the driver of that shuttle that drove us to our hotels that night had it set on a christian radio station and praise and worship was blaring throughout the shuttle.

Coincidence, I think NOT!!


Harris Family said...

How cute are you?!?! I am on board!!! What a neat story!

Autumn said...

That's awesome!

Rosie said...

That's so cool! I love meeting people who inspire me.

Lindsey said...

That is so cool!!!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That is an awesome story!! I love your challenge, good stuff!

Annie said...

how sweet!
great idea :)

Niki said...

That's so neat! Gotta love us Tennesseeans!!

Kendra said...

That's such a neat story!! Inspiring!!!

Jacquie said...

I loved this, Lauren. It is so good to know there are people out there that want to treat people with such kindness.

When my kids were little they had an adopted "grandma" who taught them each day to do one "random act of kindness" for someone. It could be something as small as opening a door for a person. I loved that she taught them things like that.

We should ALL be so thoughtful! Have a great weekend. Hope you're feeling better.

Emily said...

What a great story! I love when God works through random strangers. Even a smile from someone I don't know is enough to make my day sometimes- what happened to you must have been so awesome!!