Saturday, October 10, 2009

A little Saturday catch up!

I just wanted to take a minute to kind of catch ya'll up to speed with what's been going on with me:

First, I mentioned my test earlier this week and unfortunately it didn't go to well. That's okay though because I mostly went in for the experience of it and if I passed great, and if I didn't then I know what to prepare better for next time. So I'll just keeping taking it again, and again, and again until I pass it. So not all was lost, it was a learning experience.

I'm going to be in my BFF's wedding in November and this is the dress I'm going to wear. Beautiful, right?? Love it :)

I just finished the book last weekend called "Redeeming Love". Seriously one of the best books I've EVER read. If you haven't already done so, read it. It was so nice to finish a book. I haven't read a book just for pleasure in a long time.

Today I am declaring it a "No TV" Saturday..... I have got to be productive. So much to do. After I finish this of course, ha!

It's on Saturdays that I wish I was a big Football lover like the rest of you out there in the blog world. I mean I love my Florida Gators and I've been to a few games and have LOVED it, but it just does not keep my attention when trying to sit in front of the TV and watch it. Is something wrong with me? I kind of envy those that grew up with the love for the game and for your favorite SEC team :) So here's to hoping your team wins today.

Here's a preview of pictures to come next week, PROMISE!!

How can one not believe in a God that created this?? :)

Last weekend I missed my first class of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University because I was sick. So I'm looking forward to being able to go this weekend. I'm glad I won't be too far behind to catch up on what I missed. Afterall, it was only the first meeting.

Can't believe it's already been over a month since my Grandpa passed away. I miss him and think about him every day.

My niece is going to Disney World for the first time this month for her birthday. I so wish I could experience that with her. The magic and wonder of it all. I remember my first time just like it was yesterday. My mom bought her a princess outfit to wear for the day while she's there. She's going to have such a blast.

I baby-sat last night and it was the easiest money I've ever made. These kids are seriously the most well-behaved kids on the planet and such easy-going kids. It makes my job so easy and love spending time with them.

Well, productiveness calls. Got to get some things done and get ready and need to go out sometime today and find a birthday gift for my niece.

Have a wonderful Saturday! :)


Breadwinner Wife said...

Loved "Redeeming Love" when I read it a few years ago. In fact I'd like to read it again soon.

My university's football team was pretty bad, so I'm more into the NFL and that only came about when my husband came into my life and turned me into a fan. College football can seem more exciting, but I just don't care as much!

Ashley Pizarro said...

What beautiful pictures! Hope you get everything done today that you need to! :)

Jordan said...

That's a beautiful dress!

I'm a MI fan and they're actually not doing too bad this year. Well, except for last week! LOL I can sit down and watch a little of the game but it definately loses my attention very quickly.

Good luck getting everything done that you need to! :)

Annie said...

i love the dress!! so pretty!
great pictures, they are beautiful!
hope you are having a great weekend and getting everything done that you need to :)

Meredith said...

It took me a few tries to get into Redeeming Love, but once I finally got a couple chapters in, I whizzed through the rest of the book that same day and LOVED it!

Niki said...

Great dress!! That's the exact color I want my bridesmaid's to wear!! Who is the designer??

I LOVED Redeeming Love! Best book ever!! I was actually sad when I was finished with it because I wanted the story to go on and on!! Hope you had a productive day girl!

Emily said...

Ooooh I'm so glad you read Redeeming Love! I was bawling at the end of it, and read it a second time almost immediately. Best book ever written!

Sorry about the test, but it's great you got the practice! Every time you do it you'll get better- maybe next time you'll rock it!

Kendra said...

BUMMER about your test...but GREAT attitude!! Praying for next time=)

And I LOVE that dress, you are going to look SMOKING HOT my friend!!!

Megan said...

Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books ever!!! In fact I need to read it again! Thanks for the reminder!

Natalie said...

LOVE that dress & the color is gorgeous!!!

Good attitude about the test - you'll pass it sooner than you think!

Paige said...

I loved the book "Redeeming Love" and have shared it with so many others.

I love the dress you have chosen to wear. Hope you have a great week!

Meagan said...

What a gorgeous dress! I think I might have told you before, but I LOVE redeeming Love! Have you read the Mark of the lion series? If not, PLEASE DO! <3

Katie said...

Lauren ~ That dress is gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of you. I love weddings.

Kait said...

I can't wait to see you in that dress- lovely!!

Kendra said...

I LOVE Redeeming Love!

We're taking my kid to Disneyland this week when we visit his grandparents in Anaheim. I can't wait to see how much fun he has!

20 Times A Lady said...

Ahhhh I am SO happy you got the chance to read Redeeming Love. That is probably my all time fav.

Another one that is not as long and is an easy read is "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric & Leslie Ludy.

I was obsessed with that book!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Very cute dress!

Isn't Redeeming Love the best!! I've read it twice and could go for another reading. So good!
If you haven't read her Mark of the Lion series YOU MUST!

Kristin said...

I'm in a wedding in Feb. and totally tried to sell that dress to the bride. SO pretty!