Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just another day in Paradise!

Have you ever heard that saying before?

Well, it didn’t ring so true for me yesterday, LOL! Do you ever have those days where you just do not have it together? Let me rewind for you….

I left for lunch yesterday with a craving for Captain D’s Seafood. I hadn’t been there in forever. So with much anticipation I pulled up to the drive-thru with dreams of shrimp bites in my head. I happily placed my order and before I proceed to the window to have all my dreams fulfilled, I dig in my purse and my wallet IS NOT there. *Tear*. So I had to embarrassingly tell the nice drive-thru lady that I apparently had lost my brain and didn’t have my money with me, and that I’d be back.

But the lady was to never see me again because as I was driving away I took it as a sign from the good Lord above that I didn’t need to eat out. So salad for lunch it was.

Lunch: F.A.I.L

Saving Money: S.U.C.C.E.S.S

Then last night a bunch of the family got together to celebrate a birthday. So we went out for ice cream and I totally forgot the birthday card at work.

Then we were off to go eat said ice cream when I realized on the way that I left my wallet in my car which was at my mom’s house. Which apparently is not going to pay for the ice cream, ha! So sometime in my lifetime, I owe my mom an ice cream cone.

Then there’s this morning. I managed to somehow cut part of my finger nail off with the razor as I was shaving this morning. I for the life of me will never figure out how I did that one, LOL!

So spent the night with the parents last night which is about 45-50 minutes away and we all left for work at the same time. So my mom likes to take a particular route and I like to take another. She calls me up, and says hey, when you get to a certain point call me, because I want to see who gets there first. Okay, the race is on now, haha! But apparently slow drivers and bus drivers who are picking up kids who they think need to go to school or something like that, ha, did not realize I was in a race against time. So guess who lost? BUT I then called my mom up as I was pulling into work and said hey, where are you now? And she said I’m on the road my work is on. And I said HA, at least I beat you to work. What can I say, I’m a poor loser :)

Here’s to a great Thursday!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I somehow SLICED the back of my thigh with a razor one time... I mean, like it bled for 2 hrs!! thought I needed stiches! Razors are dangereous!

Lindsey said...

Have you heard that song too? It's awesome!

mommywonderland said...

I do that with my fingernails and razors like once or twice a year..Careless I guess??

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Sounds like a Monday that you had yesterday!! :) Hope today is better!

Annie said...

what a day you had ;)
i hope you are having a GREAT day today!!

razors, boo on them!!
i have cut my finger nails on idea how! and once i dropped a razor on my foot, i still have the scar. no idea how that one happened either. then there are the countless scars on my legs. i really hate razors and shaving!!

♥Kim said...

Oh gosh girl! I think we've all had these moments. Your's just seemed to continue with bad endings. :/