Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We all have them.

Scars from the past. Old hurts and wounds that we hold on to. Some are more permanent though.

To  this day I have a little scar on my forehead. When I was about two or so I jumped off the couch and hit my head on the coffee table. My Mom had to take me to the hospital and get stitches. Of course I don't remember any of it but from what my Mom said it was pretty traumatic. More so for her then I think for me, ha.. She couldn't even be in the room. My grandma stayed with me.

But lets talk about J.R. Martinez for a moment.

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, this guy is just incredible. I know we can all get sucked into reality TV, but we can all learn from this guy. His attitude and outlook are an inspiration.

Even if you don't watch DWTS, take a few minutes of your time to watch this.

J.R. has served this country and this dance was a tribute to the men and woman who didn't make it home. I was brought to tears.

It's so easy to let our scars define us, especially physical scars, whatever they might be.  Some scars are inward and some outer, but J.R., wow, he wears these scars proudly as we all should.

Because, those scars, whatever they maybe, tell a story. Whether it's a two year old girl who hits her head on a coffee table or a guy who bravely serves our country and lives to tell about it with scars as a reminder.

Those scars, whether inner scars or physical scars... They don't define us, they're a part of us, a part of our story.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I bawled my eyes out watching this last night. Then had to watch it again to show the hubs and did the ugly cry again. What a beautiful story he told.

Noelani said...

Great post, and so very true. Scars are beautiful, in all forms.

Holly said...

I had never heard of this man before, so I searched on Wikipedia and can definitely see why he's so inspirational. :)