Friday, October 14, 2011

A Florida girl's dream!

We always want what we can't have right????

It's a well-known fact that Florida is known for its palm trees.

This picture has got to be Miami South Beach or something, because Lord knows the water isn't that pretty in my neck of the woods here in Florida.

Anyway.... Yes, the palm trees are nice and all. But this, this is what I want to see:

Unfortunately, palm trees just don't change their leaves. Ha!

I stole these pictures off a family friend's facebook page. And my parents are on their way today to visit said family friend to see these said beautiful leaves and I'm all sorts of jealous!!

This might seem so simple y'all but this is seriously on my bucket list.

One day I will see the leaves change. And I might just up and move.

Palm trees will be a thing of the past.

Or just have a home in Florida and home in the mountains.

Not to go all Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (whoever the heck she is at the moment, ha) on you... But it would truly be the best of both worlds!

A Florida girl can dream, right?

Somebody send this poor girl some colored leaves. I'll pay for shipping!!! Anybody?????


Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

It is so weird to me that the leaves don't change down here! I think I will definitely miss should definitely make a trip to the Hudson Valley area of New York or further north into New England to see the leaves change up there. Such an incredible sight!

Rebecca Jo said...

You'd love my house right now... I'm surrounded by nothing but color... & my runs? Surrounded by the falling leaves... the most beautiful time of year here for 2 weeks! You get the other 48 weeks :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh, the leaves are beautiful here right now!! :) I wish you were here to see it!

Sunshinemeg said...

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side! I wouldn't mind a palm tree or two, but I do so love fall. I'm orginally from Knoxville, Tennessee and The Smokey Mountains have the most gorgeous leaves you will ever see in your life! If you ever get a change to go - go! Have a great weekend my friend!

Lindsey said...

Come visit me in MI!:) We have loads of color changing trees and it's gorgeous right now...but in a month they will all be bare and ugly and snow covered and I will want to be in FL!

Emily said...

These are some of the only few weeks of the year that I think it's more beautiful here in New York than in many places. Just wait a couple of months though... I'll be BEGGING to switch with you when our snow turns nasty!

CBB said...

It is beautiful here in New England this time of year but in the dead of winter, I'll be wishing that I am in sunny Florida :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

but you get amazingly warm winters!! it's beautiful up here right now. thankfully the leaves are changing but it's not too cool. i do not do cold weather!

Noelani said...

As a former Florida gal myself, who now lives in Washington state ... I know firsthand what you mean. I must admit, it sure is nice to see 'season's change' as opposed to constant sunshine and warmth, followed by palm trees that only lose their palms during hurricane weather, ha. However, I miss Florida a TON. Especially now that the temperatures are dropping l.o.w. lol. I will gladly send ya some leaves :b

singleladyforJesus, solteraparaJesus, celibatairepourJesus said...

too funny! the grass is always greener on the other side! i'm freezing up here in the pacific nw and comment to friends how i'd love to be in a warmer climate :p however, your post made me realize how thank i am for what i do have. the trees really are spectacular right now and the pac. nw is a beautiful place to live! thanks for reminding me to be thankful for what i do have :) blessings!

Jess :) said...

I'll send you some!!!!!! The colors are GORGEOUS around these midwest parts! Wish you were closer...I'd totally share, sister!

KY Mommy said...

I love seeing the leaves change - maybe it is just one of those "the grass is always greener" things. I lived in Nebraska for most of my life and then moved to Northern Kentucky and was stoked about all the gorgeous scenery with all of trees changing color on all these hills (Nebraska is quite boring and flat when it comes to scenary). I have been here for over 3 years now and it has not just become habit to me yet! (Popped over from BlueEyedBride)