Friday, April 29, 2011

To the Royal Couple:

Oh, excuse me…

Dear Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

I happily set my alarm clock last night to 3:55am to wake up by 4am this morning. I have royal bags under my eyes now to prove it…. But so so worth it.

You two are what “Happily Ever After” is all about. I was watching a real fairytale unfold before my eyes.

Kate, you are a princess in your own right. You’ve found your place and you have a confidence and a love from your Prince that won’t let you down. William, I know you’ll treat her like the princess she is. Above all else, remain best friends and that will be your ticket to royal happiness.

It’s every girl’s dream to walk down that aisle (in this case, very looooooooong aisle) to meet their Prince. I watched in awe at the beauty of it all. LOVED everything about it!!! Will never forget watching it.

I just wanted to document this, and if you shall happen to read William and Kate (ha)....

Here’s to wishing you a lifetime of Happily Ever After!!

With love from a Commoner,
Lauren :)

PS: Want your dress Kate.
PPS: William, nothing cuter than a man in uniform.
PPPS: You'll make gorgeous babies!! But no rush!!!!
PPPPS: Have no words......Kate, you have great style. For the love, help these poor girls pick out hats next time.


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I seriously couldn't believe what the princesses were wearing on their head. So ridiculous.

Lindsey said...

Hahah I know! Some of those hats just made me crack up!

BARBIE said...

Oh yes, some seriously hat help was needed. Loved the letter!

Rosie said...

This open letter to them was cute! And I couldn't help but LOL at your last ps. lol. I totally agree though. A little much, don't ya think?

ourhomeinprogress said...

We should be princesses! I want to wear that dress :)