Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am a whimp when it comes to the temp!

I don’t know about you, but I am one who gets cold very very easily!!!

I was listening on the radio and heard this on the news that your normal house temperature should be set at 68 degrees.

My first thought was holy smokes, there is no way. I am just that thin blooded.

But all in the name of saving money, I had the temperature last night set to 68.

I wish y’all could have seen me. I went to bed in sweat pants, shirt, hoodie over that, and found the thickest socks possible.

And when I got under my warm sheets, it felt like perfection. I was snug as a bug.

I am one who has always set my temp above 70. But not anymore. I need to save money in every way that I can.

But if you were like me and clueless about it, I’m here to let you know.. 68. Ha!

Your electric bill will thank you.

Speaking of the cold… I received a sweet package yesterday from my wonderful blog friend Rebecca and she sent me this scarf (that she made by hand) among a few other things.

Perfect for this cold day!!

Stay warm y’all.

And promise my next post won’t be about the weather, ha!

Oh, and I'll be going to North Carolina the week after Christmas with the family and our friend who we'll be visiting sent me this picture.

Brrrrrr. But SO SO beautiful!!!! Looks like we'll most likely see some snow!!!!! :)


Jess said...

I'm set at 69. I can't go any lower than that when it's this cold outside.

Carolina Girl said...

Oh my gosh, love the scarf and love Rebecca! She is so talented! :) Cute pic!!

Jenny said...

Ours stays at 68 when it can but when it drops to below freezing we have to bump it up! lol!

Love the scarf!

Kelly said...

I live in NC and it has been FREEZING here! I am so ready for Spring and Summer.

Rebecca Jo said...

That looks great with your coat!!! :) I loved the gold in it - very stylish - like you!

Oh girl - Ricky makes me leave our heat at 68 degrees too & I seriously wear long underwear UNDER sweat pants - thick socks, a sweat shirt AND a hoodie overtop of that! I'm like a padded football player!

Sunshinemeg said...

Love your scarf! What a wonderful gift and it's homemade - even better. Stay warm out there = )

Kendra said...

Please tell my husband that the temp should be set to 68. I try to tell him but he insists on 72 and I am BURNING UP!

Kaysie said...

Love the scarf! That's a great picture of you, too! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

My heat is set on 73 and I don't care! Our electric bill is horrendous year round, but I can't stand to be cold and the hubs can't stand to be hot! So it stays on 73 year round. We're so not "green" in this area!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I can't stand to have the chouse any cooler than 70 degrees. Anything else is barbaric.

Heather said...

I love your scarf!!! I can't stand for our temps to be below 70 in our house! Eek!

Rosie said...

I feel ya on the cold. I just can't handle it here in TX. I do set my heater on 68 at night when it's cold though. All my blankets make up for it :) Have fun in N.C. FREEZINGGG!!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Beautiful scarf - and that's a great picture of you!

BARBIE said...

It's never too cold for me. I am always too hot. Chalk that up to mid-life!

Michelle said...

Haha, I just found your blog and love this post --- new follower!
I'm the same way. I know I need to save money but can't budge from 70. I'm still bundled up with 70 too!

Jen said...

I LOVE your new scarf!! I am totally jealous that you got a handmade scarf from Rebecca!! I want to be able to knit like her when I grow up!!!