Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleepover with my Momma!

There are those moments, the sweet times that you just want to get down for the books.

Last night I had an impromptu sleepover with my Mom, ha!

She went and visited with my brother, his wife, and the grandbabies while I was at school and instead of driving all the way back to her house, she ditched the husband for the evening and decided to stay with me. And her work is closer to my me than her as well. How could she pass up being able to sleep in a little later? Ha!

I got home from school last night and she was already at the house.

I was preparing my lunch for today and then she called me into the room and said, you have to see this.

This 10 year old opera singer on America’s Got Talent is simply amazing. I imagine this is what angels in heaven sound like. We caught the tail end of the show.

Then we crawled into bed together and watched CSI: Miami.

It was nice just to spend time with her alone.

We started to fall asleep and so we set the alarm clock and called it a night.

I think she forgot I changed the alarm ringtone to the ringa ding ding dinga dong geico ringtone. So at precisely 6am she pretty much jumped out of her skin and it scared the daylights out of her.

I laughed. Couldn’t help it.

But in trying to turn the alarm off she gave my phone a pretty good beating and broke my trackball (it was already on the verge) on my blackberry and so now it’s all taped up.

I officially have a ghetto blackberry. Ha!

Before we got up out of bed we laid and plaid sudoku together on her phone!

We got ready this morning side by side in the bathroom, chatting and laughing.

I so enjoyed it.

We turned on Good Morning America to see Oprah had surprised her audience on the first show of the last and final season with a trip to Australia and John Travolta would be the pilot taking them there.

So jealous I wasn’t sitting in the audience that day.

And then I apologized to my Mom that she would not be able to fulfill her dream of attending the Oprah Winfrey show one day, because y’all know that every ticket for each show till the end of the season is spoken for.

We laughed and had some more chit-chat as we were getting ready.

And then it was time to head off to start our days. It was a sweet reminder of why I love my Mom so much. She makes me laugh. I love spending time with her. She is truly one of my best friends.

These are what sweet moments are made of.

Let's have a sleepover again soon, Mom!!! :)


Tiffany said...

How fun! I am so glad that you got impromptu quality time with her! I am so close to my mom and she got very sick about 5 years ago and I thought I would lose her. Now I cherish times like these even more. What a blessing! Sounds like y'all had a great time together. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

You never get too old to want to have those moments with your mom... the kind where you can just kick back & be you & know you're loved :)

mrsashcake said...

that is so sweet! how fun to have a little mommy daughter time :)

Mallory said...

How fun! My mom is one of my very best friends, as well. I'd be so lost without her.

Jacquie said...

What a sweet post. It makes me think of how many kids/teens/young adults don't realize what they're missing by not seeking a relationship with their parents. You are blessed, my dear.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh how fun! you have to take a pic of the blackberry now. and i know how fun would a trip to australia be with oprah!

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

that is so cute that y'all did that!!

The Nashville Nosher said...

aww you just made me miss my mom who lives 14 hours away :( So fun though!

beachmom25 said...

My daughter took her BB to Verizon and they replaced her trackball for free. It may be worth a try.