Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's hear it for the Orange and Blue!

In Florida, Orange and Blue are the two greatest colors EVER!!!

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is where all the action takes place!!!! The Gator Swamp to be exact!

Something so exciting about this time of year. Fall is definitely in the air!!!

I'm going to miss this guy, though!!!

I heart you Tebow!!! :(

But I am hoping for a good season for the Florida Gators!!!

I do not claim to be a big expert on the game of Football itself, but........

Gooooooooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!

Who is your team?????

Happy game day!!!!!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Tebow is still wearing orange and blue, Lauren. He just lives closer to ME now! :)

Jordan said...

Go Blue! (MI)

Jacquie said...

Just got caught up on your last several posts... you are going through quite a bit lately - sorry for that. But, you always have a healthy perspective on God and how He can care for all the details of your life.

Have a fun Labor Day weekend!!

Amanda said...

oh i heart tim tebow too!!! i root for the small but mighty missouri tigers!! :) looooove football season!

Emma-leigh said...

I'm a Bama fan all the way. Roll tide! I know u guys will miss Tebow though.

Jesa said...

FAntastic blog! I love Florida!
Cheers, Jesa

Shannon said...

Alright! Another Gator! Yes, you are so right, the Gator Nation will greatly miss Timmy this year (as will I) haha! Glad we pulled off a win Saturday, even though it wasn't pretty at times a wins a win! Happy Fall and Gator football season!