Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Perm and big hair bows, oh my!

In all my school years, I never did like a single school picture of mine. I think the only one I liked was my senior photos.

My hair went through a lot of phases and I look back at the pictures and sometimes think to myself, why did I pick that outfit to wear, and on picture day nonetheless.

I came across this over the weekend and one picture particular stands out and makes me cringe above the rest.

Can't believe I'm showing you this!

Sorry, the picture is blurry because I had to take a picture of a picture. But there’s no mistaking the perm and the huge bow sitting on top of my head. Seriously, Mom? I’ve stopped trying to understand this.

I had major buck teeth growing up y’all… I mean BAD, and after 3 (yes, you heard right) times of getting braces that was rectified and the perm left and thank God the flat iron was invented.

I managed to turn from the above, to this.

This is what I want people to remember, ha!

And a little funny story to add to this. When my Mom and her husband at the time, my sister’s dad, went on vacation I stayed with my Grandma (My Dad's mom) while they were out of town. I wanted to get rid of my perm so bad. So I convinced my Grandma and my Aunt to go and let me get my hair cut and I got my whole perm chopped off.

Lets say, my Mom was NOT happy!!!

I have never in my life cried so hard because I looked like a total boy with my hair cut and I hated it!!!!

So much for that bright idea!

But good thing my hair grows back fast!

Please tell me y'all went through an awkward perm phase?!?!?


Kendra said...

I thought you were speaking about MY 1980's childhood! I'm older than you so that means I had many more years to get unfortunate perms. And I owned the biggest and fluffiest bows around. Sad thing is, I have naturally curly hair so I didn't NEED a perm, I just got one because that was the thing to do. And I still look like my junior high haired self. Just sans bows and braces. One day I may escape all of my fashion DON'Ts from my childhood.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh, girl...I had the perm, the bangs, the big bows, everything! My first perm took 4 hours because my hair was so long!! Yikes...don't know what my Mom was thinking!

Rebecca Jo said...

My mom would never let me have a perm growing up... but I did have the big mall bangs from the 80's - even worse! :)

Look at the stunningly beautiful woman you turned into though! :)

GracieNbalsMommy said...

YES!!! Another former buck toother =] I think most of us did go through a perm phase. I happened to do it three times over.

Hey... I REALLY wanted my wavy hair to be super curly.

Rosie said...

I wish I could say I had a perm & that's why my hair was wild. Instead I had the curly, frizzy/straight (everything you can think of) type of hair. It was so hard to handle! I cut it off in my teenage years or did the spiral perm to handle it, but until the Chi was invented, there was no hope!
Thank GOD that stage is over! HA HA!
I LOVE the picture you posted! I think I had one of those big ol' hair bows to match every outfit. lol.

Cute post :)

Angie said...

I went through the horrible perm phase too. Ughhh! I can rmember my mom would perm my hair in the kitchen...what were we thinking? Blech...my hair was always fried and big...ha!

Funny thing is, Layla asked for curly hair the other day. NO WAY!!

Miss Pancakes said...

cute blog. i am sure i have picture like that somewhere looking amazing. visit sometimes at mr-mrspancakes.blogspot.com

a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh totally had a perm phase i can still smell that nasty chemical they used. ugh! i also had the bows too i remember one was about 5 ft tall and had balloons attached (thankfully not blown up)

Lindsee said...

Oh girl! That's so funny. That picture is great! I never had a perm but wanted one so bad!

Katie said...

YES! Scary perm, glasses, and braces phase thank you. Ha!

Thank goodness that did not last forever for me.

You are beautiful. Beautiful hair AND teeth. ; )

Melissa said...

I wanted a perm so bad when I was little and it never would take on my fine, thin hair. Probably a good thing! Ha!

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

ah that is so cute! But when you look back at the pictures you think about the fashion now when everyone dressed/looked like that when it was taken, haha. I am sure everyone feels the way you do!

Jacquie said...

Haha! Funny post. Let's just say I lived my life in an awkward perm phase... only mine is naturally curly!

BARBIE said...

Too funny! Yes, I went through the awkward perm phase as well. I will have to post a picture some day!

Jenni said...

Love your blog!! You're too cute, by the way!!! :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I rocked a horrible perm in fifth grade. Horrible. My hair will not hold a style so they had to do the perm multiple times. I can't even explain to you how curly my hair got. And how big. Scary...

Kristen said...

Wow! What a major transformation! There is really a big difference on how you look before and now. You really looked more beautiful than ever girl!

When I was in high school, I used to look like a monster because of my vast curls and my black teeth. But I didn't care because my mom says that I'm still beautiful. Not until when I've got a boyfriend and I started to get conscious of the way I look. So I went to the parlor, got my hair done and went to the dentist (Charlotte) and this dentist (Rock Hill) made my teeth perfect. Now I just maintain my beautiful features for me to look attractive all the time.