Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garage sale and a birthday dinner!

Friday night I went over and spent the night at my parents house to help them prepare and set up for their garage sale they had on Saturday. My Mom cooked yummy tacos for us Friday night.

We had to get everything priced.

And set up.

It was so hot here on Saturday but the garage sale was so much fun (but alot of hard work to prepare for) and sold alot of stuff, but there was still so much stuff left over. Which I think all the leftover stuff we're just going to see if the Salvation Army will come and pick up.

The adorable rents waiting on the next customer, ha!!!

The stuff just waiting to be bought.

I just realized this and started cracking up. I'm sure the lady bending over will thoroughly enjoy me posting this, haha!!!

It was weird. Either there would be noone at all or there would be tons of people all at once. This picture just happened to be at a slow point and there was noone!


There was everything at the garage sale from clothes, shoes, kids stuff, home decor, etc...

So we decided we'd dress up in random clothes, shoes, and get different props and see who could be most creative!!! Oh man, I don't think we've ever laughed so hard. Love the memories I make with my family!!!

I had so much fun doing the garage sale. I love wheeling and dealing with people and meeting people. So many people that came to the garage sale said it's an every weekend thing for them, checking out different garage sales. It's nothing we really did when I was younger but my Mom and I were talking and thinking we should start doing that together. It's amazing the neat treasures you can find. What about you? Do you like garage sales or yard sales? Do you go to them often?

Then last night we went out to dinner for my Mom's birthday. Her birthday is not actually until the 30th but her and the hubby are most likely going out of town next weekend to celebrate both of their birthdays. His is August 3rd. There's nothing more my Mom loves than having all of her kids together. So she was in heaven. We ate at a mexican restaurant called Fiesta Grande.

My sis and I.

My beautiful and VERY pregnant sister-in-law!!!

The birthday girl and SIL.

My sister sneakily let the waiter know it was her birthday and they sang a song to her in spanish and she had no clue and totally took her by surprise.

They made her wear a sombrero. HAHA!! How cute is she?

The rents.

Ha, the sombrero is bigger than my niece's body!!

The parentals and I. Love them!!!!

It was a fun night and a yummy dinner!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend :)


Rosie said...

You're so funny for doing that at your garage sale! We always had them in my family, but I never have time to actually go to them. That's why I like Craigslist.
Oh, and my mom's b-day is on the 30th too! Something else we have in common :)

Barbie said...

We have at least one garage sale every summer. We usually bring in anywhere between $150-300 so that is nice. It's a lot of work and I don't like having to haul all of the stuff that didn't sell to our local Good Will. Unfortunately, I don't get around to too many other garage sales.

Marie said...

Love the pics of the dinner for your mom. The sombrero pic was too funny. It seems like it was a great night and day for you and your family. Keep those blogs coming. Have a great week. Marie

Lindsey said...

Aw this brought back memories of doing garage sales with my family when I was young. Fun times!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

how fun...i love doing garage sales especially with friends to help entertain you. sounds like a great weekend!

Jordan said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Although, I hate doing garage sales!!

Jacquie said...

Yard sales are SO much work!! So, I rarely do them.

Looks like a fun weekend!

Ashley E. said...

Hi Lauren! I keep seeing your comments on other blogs I read, so I thought I would check yours out! Super cute! Have a great night!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! She looks so young and I'm not just saying that... great family genes!

I LOVE having garage sales, great way to clean out and make a little cash. FUN.

Staci said...

Ugh...garage sales are SO much work. I hope it was profitable for you, but glad you had fun in the midst of it!!

Holly said...

You look just like your mom! ;)Glad you had a nice weekend.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love garage sales! That reminds me that I haven't been to one in a while. They are so much fun on Saturday mornings! I'm glad you got to sell some stuff and have fun. :)

Rachel said...

I really love yard sales. Having them and shopping at them!! Hopefully when it cools down here I can get back out there!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I have never really done garage sales, but they seem like so much fun! And your mom is too cute! Looks like a great weekend :)

Kristen and Andy said...

I LOVE garage sales!!! I really don't like doing them b/c they are so much work but we usually do really well - we just had one in May and it was probably one of our slowest ones yet - but we still brought in about $500 - so thats why I still do them - extra cash is always nice!

Its so funny b/c when I was younger my mom would always want to go to check them out but I was too - now its a whole different story - I am all about a good bargain!

Love your blog - I've seen lots of your comments on various blogs and decided to come check yours out! Hope you have a great week! :)


Jess :) said...

You CRACK me up, sister!!!! LOVE your family and how much fun y'all have! :) Looks like a blast!

Oh, and I don't really ever do the garage sale thing. Basically because I don't ever have much time or the people that have them...just have JUNK!! I mean, JUNK!! ;) I could definitely use some new Tupperware stuff any left over!!! haha