Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$166 lesson

We've all done it before.

Texting and driving.

I'll admit, I have a horrible habit of this. I have heard it so many times..


Seriously, I now realize there's nothing so important that it can't wait until the car is in park.

I was on the road yesterday evening and was distracted by texting. I was pulled over by an umarked police vehicle.

I am human, I made a mistake and know I should never have been doing that.

Statistics show that texting is worse than drunk driving.

I was distracted and my car swerved to get back center in the lane and thus I was pulled over.

The first thing the police officer asked me is if I was texting while I was driving. And I was honest and said I was. And he said this is exactly why they are trying to make it illegal.

And he did say they are trying to make it a crime by the end of the year.

Then I was slapped with a $166 traffic ticket for careless driving.

Totally deserved.

I was totally embarrased and really had no excuse.

In the grand scheme of things $166 is nothing compared to what could have been, which it could have been way worse.

Texting while driving is no joke and I learned a huge lesson from this whole experience.

I'm sure there will be people who may read this who have been affected by accidents or deaths contributed to texting while driving and I don't make light of that.

Do you have a habit of this?

If you text while driving, STOP!

It's not worth it. I don't just say this because I got a ticket but you can kill yourself or someone else.

And I'm glad to pay that $166 and take the class to keep the points off my license if it means I will stop.

I saw this bumper sticker before and it's so so true!!!


Adorably Distracted... said...

It's illegal in MD. And it's a $500 fine if you get caught I believe. I'm usually pretty good about texting and driving. I might sneak one in at a red light but other then that I usually never have the urge to. Plus, I have the iphone and i have to look at the keypad way too much. With my old flip phone I used to be able to do it without looking. at least you will learn from this! Unlike some people who will probably keep doing it! my sister does it all the time and it definitely scares me!

Rebecca Jo said...

OH NO Lauren!!!!! I will say though, I'm glad you just got a ticket & not an accident though!

Its so dangerous...

I seriously quit it after watching the Oprah show on it... & my dad got all over me about it... now, I really dont pick up my phone unless I'm at a stop light or stopped in a parking lot.

Now, I notice all kinds of people who text & they are swerving & that freaks me out... You gotta stay alert of everyone out there!

Be safe girl!!!

Lianna Knight said...

When I saw your tweet last night...I just KNEW that is what happened :( I am HORRIBLE at this and need to stop too.

Thanks fr the's true how dangerous this really is.

Shay said...

AHHHHH!! I just got a ticket this morning for a Guy who almost HIT ME!!! Thats right!! The loser almost hit my car so I ahd to speed up to move so he couldn't hit me and the cop pulled us BOTH over and gave me a ticket TOO!! For speeding when I was trying to move... I explained he said he saw it but that he was giving me a ticket as well... and that the other guy was getting a worse ticket!! How stupid!!

Annie said...

it is illegal in MN to text and drive. I used to be really bad about it but I've gotten to a point where I only look at my phone at red lights and only text when parked.
I know you have learned a valuable lesson and thnak you for sharing this with us. That bumper sticker shares a good mesage as well. Sorry to hear you got such a heafty ticket but I do love how your positive attitude shines right through the situation. Hope you have a good day hun!! :)

EmmyLou said...

I love that bumper sticker! I have seen it on church signs before! Sorry you got pulled over. But better to learn that lesson with a ticket than an injury or death. I have gotten better about it. If I think it absolutely can NOT wait- I'll wait until a light. Thanks for posting about this!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I admit I have done this on occasion, but I really try to not look at my phone! It is now illegal in TN and GA, which I drive through every single day!
I'm sorry you got a ticket...and a big one at that....but I am glad nothing happened to you!

Resisting Perfection said...

Oh you struck a nerve today! I text while I drive. I know it's wrong but I do. I am going to stop now, thank you for the wakeup call!

Kendra said...

LOVE that bumper sticker! Glad you just got a ticked and weren't in an accident. I feel old when I say "you young kids and your texting obsession". But it's true! It's going to get a whole lot more people in trouble until it's illegal and enforced. Lesson learned, huh?

Mrs. Nelson said...

I witnessed an accident once and it was because a guy was texting and driving. I never text and drive...I'll text at a stop light, but that's it! And LOVE the bumper sticker! So so true!

Jacquie said...

This post convicted me. I do (occasionally) text and drive and I've even seen - on my dirt road - how easy it is to almost put your car in the ditch. I try not to text on the highway (ha! terrible, I know), but I need to change my behavior on this. I can't imagine how it would feel to cause and accident just by doing something so senseless.

Sarah Richey said...

Awe, good wake-up call, but an expensive lesson. :( Bummer! Glad it wasn't worse though. I'll admit that I have sent short messages while driving.....and I have definately read messages when they come in, which is just as bad. I also think that using the Ipod is bad too! There are many times that I have been scrolling through the Ipod looking for a song, when I stop and think "this is kinda dangerous."

Rosie said...

I'm sorry you got a ticket! Good thing it wasn't worse though.
I'm terrible at texting one handed on my iphone, so I just dont do it. I do have a huge habit of talking on the phone in the car though. It's sometimes the only chance I get that I'm not tending to the baby.
Love the bumper sticker. It's so true!

Angie S said...

I have never seen that bumper sticker, but I love it! true!

I'm sorry you got a ticket...that is no fun, but I'm glad nothing worse happened.

I don't usually don't text and drive because of the kids in the backseat. However I have been known to pull over. Layla will be back there yelling for me to stop texting and lets go. HA! She is so smart for her age. I just want to be a good example for the kids.

It is hard though when I get a message I want to look at it.

Becky said...

Oh No! I have seen this bumber sticker too and unfortunately I am guilty of texting some times as well :( I know I hear those Oprah commercials all the time about not to text and drive....I'm sorry you got the ticket but I'm glad you were not hurt too girlie!

Emma-leigh said...

Guilty.. it isn't illegal yet in AL but should be.

Barbie said...

I am sorry about the ticket, but so very thankful you didn't get in an accident. It is illegal to text and drive in California. I have been known to slip on in on a red light, but I shouldn't even do that. And plus, with an iPhone it's hard because you have to look at the keyboard to type. Be safe!

The Nashville Nosher said...

Oh my goodness. I am totally guilty of this and always feel so bad when I do and know that it is so stupid. I really need to stop. It is illegal in TN but the policemen say it is impossible to enforce bc how can they distinguish between someone dialing a number or sending a text. Although I use my cell phone when driving I think it should be illegal.

Staci said...

Oh Lauren! SO sorry this happened to you, but glad you have such a good attitude about it. Just last week it became illegal to text and drive here in GA.

rama said...

It is a dangerous thing to drive like that, at least you did not hurt anybody. It must serve as a wake up call to everybody who can't resist this habit.I can't understand such peoples' urgency in resorting to such things, if we lose our lives we are only to blame , but to endanger other peoples' lives is a crime, the guilt would never leave us and we would be tormented forever.

THE Stephanie said...

UGH! Sorry about that! My hubs is a cop and he's always reminding me to put the cell phone down!

Better to be safe, right? Glad it was just a ticket and nothing worse.