Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reason # 973549504858 why men have it easier!

Hope this post isn’t too much information, but you know this is the life of ALL women and most of my readers I would assume are all women. So let’s just pretend we’re all gathered together having a round table discussion and a little bit of chit-chat.

It’s happens every year. The dreaded yearly. And my yearly came today (man how that year flies) so this is all fresh in my mind. Aren’t ya’ll lucky!

You get there and then you have to fill out a gazillion papers as if you didn’t just do this last year and they don’t have it on file.

Then your name is called and the first stop is to the restroom where you have to tinkle on command. Don’t you just love that? No pressure or anything. I always am so worried that I just won’t be able to do this, ha. Anyone else have this issue?

Then comes the blood pressure check where I immediately warn the nurse that my blood pressure is going to be high because it’s just a doctor thing and to take no offense. Afterall, I have the white coat syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, google it. You just might find you have it yourself.

They check my temp, good to go. Then there’s the finger prick to test my iron. I have to turn my head as they try to squeeze all the blood from my poor finger to fill the tiny tube. Oh, I kid, wasn’t that bad!

Then there’s the dreaded walk to the exam room where you are then instructed to strip down into a paper gown and told the doctor will be in shortly. And in those short few minutes the room suddenly gets a little bit colder. Could be the paper gown, you think?

Then you hear the knock on the door and the doctor walks in. Time for the examination. No number two pencils involved, although at that precise moment you sincerely wish it were that type of examination.

Exam proceeds. Will leave it at that.

Light years later (at least it feels that way) the non-number two pencil exam ends. You’re told to get dressed and then meet the doctor back in the office. You get dressed and then the room all the sudden warms back up again. Note to all of you, clothes warm the body, who knew?

You meet the doctor back in the office with a smile on their face and you’re left pondering and just thinking that it takes a truly special person to have this job! I mean truly special!

You bid your goodbyes until next year when you can have this lovely meet-up again!

Oh, yes…. men certainly have it so much easier! In what other ways do you think men have it easier? Thoughts?


Rebecca Jo said...

This reminds me... I gotta make an appointment... oops!

Men can NEVER understand the idea of stirrups...NEVER!!!

Kayla said...

O gosh... I had abnormal cells and had to go every 6 months for 3 years! FINALLY they are not abnormal anymore and everything is A-OK so I can start going once a year again. Talk about a frequent "shopper". I hated that office and funny thing is, they remembered me. She would always say, back again so soon? I bet you can't wait to get rid of us. "Lady, you have no freaking clue."

O gosh, men have it easier because they don't have to do the whole growing a human thing. They don't have the monthly visitor and for some reason when they are sick, the world should stop but when we are sick it goes on as usual. Oh Men... Can't live with em, can't live without em! :-)

P.S. I really do love my husband. haha

Melissa said...

I'm due for my annual exam soon and I hate going! I'm going to be going there a lot more than I ever wanted to once I get pregnant lol!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Ha! This was funny to read- so true! Men have it easier in a lot of ways! They don't have to deal with "monthly issues" and hormonal outbursts around that time. They don't have to deal with acne surging around that time or feeling so bloated and gross. They get away with so many things, but all things said, I'd still rather be a girl! Guys are just gross! :)

Jacquie said...

As a general rule, men have it easier being the parent. Wives usually have to ask their husbands if they will watch the children before going somewhere. Men leave the house in the morning and just assume the children will be taken care of. Ha!

Lindsey said...

I agree with Rebecca Jo, men will just never understand stirrups! Garth does not understand why I dread going, haha!

Whitney said...

Well, imagine going to the gyno and learning you have a brain tumor. THE FIRST TIME YOU EVER GO. That will make you scared to ever go again right there! And I'm not even modest! Ha!

Holly said...

Be lucky you only go once a year. I go 3 times each year!

Garrett and Meagan said...

Oh my gosh, you crack me up!!! I hate the gyno!! I'm glad you made it out in one piece!

Barbie said...

That reminds, I am late for my yearly! Can I wait until the doctor calls to tell me I am late? Oh and for the pee thing, I down a bunch of coffee before I go and then it's no problem!

Jenny said...

LOL!!! I love my OB doctor! He cracks me up... But he always talks about college football during the exam!!! Seriously...I just wish he would not say anything!

I also have white coat syndrome! BAD!!!

Ellen Grant said...

I agree with what the person said above.
I had my yearly this week, too. What an exciting coincidence!
Women can NEVER have too much fun.

Angie S said...

amen sister! they do have it easier!

Todd and Courtney said...

I hate going too even though my OB delivered my little Lauren so he's seen it all, ha!

D said...

Was JUST there. Not fun at all. Men may have it easier, but I like to think it's better being one of us ;)