Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday thoughts in no particular order!

* I love Mondays, NOT! But I'm trying to, ha!

* Went to Target this weekend to find some blouses for a gazillion summer skirts I have but found zilch! I must have tried on a million things! But I did walk away with a pair of flip flops and a slip for a dress that I needed which didn't realize at the time of trying it on when I bought it that it was totally see through, haha!

* I then made my way over to TJ MAXX and did find a blouse for one of my skirts. Score!

* I went to go visit my grandpa over the weekend at the nursing home where he's at and this I will treasure for ever!

* I'll be the big 2-5 this Thursday. Five years until I'm 30. YIKES!

* We're celebrating my birthday today at work since I'll be off on Thursday! I <3 chocolate cake!

* We're having girls day Thursday for my best friend Monica before her big wedding day on the 27th, and so all of the bridesmaids are going to get manicure and pedicures and then go get a bite to eat. Should be fun :O)

* I'm going to go to school during the day on Thursday and I get to see a friend from school that I haven't seen in a loooong time because she switched to days and I'm totally stoked!

* If one more person asks me when I'm going to graduate, I think I'll scream!

* Tomorrow I will have been working at the law office 6 years. Where the heck does the time go? When I started here I was 18 soon-to-be 19 and barely out of high school. Naive but hope I've become a little bit wiser and I've learned so much (And they still always harass me because I started June 9th and my birthday is June 11th and they celebrated my birthday and I literally just started! ha! I like to call that God's perfect timing.

* It's one day closer till my sister leaves for college. I'm really going to miss that girl :o(

* The Shred kicked my butt yesterday. Who knew that 20 minutes of exercising could feel like eternity!

* I had a house full of quiteness this weekend and it was bliss!

* I made a purchase last week or so that when I got home I was having major buyers remorse. I went back and forth on whether I should return it or not. It was a killer outfit from Saks and some Coach shoes from Saks. And the outfit and shoes won because I decided to keep it and just reminded myself that I would not be spending that much on an outfit and shoes for a VERY long time!

* And last night I must have slept on my neck completely wrong because today it is killer :o(

And that's enough thoughts for one day......

Have a GREAT Monday!


Jordan said...

I don't like Mondays either.

I love target! I can't believe there were no shirts. Bummer!

I have never been to TJ MAXX, I dont think we have one around me.

That's photo is adorable!

I love pedicures & I've never had a manicure.

Have a good week Lauren! =]

Rebecca Jo said...

I love picture of hands.. they say so much!

Birthday coming up!! FUN!!!! CELEBRATE!

I was like you - I was 20 when I started at my job! A mere babe.. now I'm 37... everyone at work likes to remind me that they've seen me age... not fun!

And good for you for keeping your shoes & outfit... everyone deserves a splurge every now & then!

The Design Girl said...

My neck hurts, too! I definitely slept on it the wrong way.

So glad I can leave comments on your blog again. :)

Hope you have a great week this week!

Shannon said...

haha..LOVE THIS POST! my how I've missed catching up on your life everyday!! So glad to be back! How exciting for a birthday week!! :) And girls day on Thursday!! I'm actually pretty upset I can't join ;)
Have a fabulous week gorgeous girl!

Marissa said...

Love the photo!

Meagan said...

I hope you have a happy bday week! PS did you get my email I replied to yours a few weeks back!

Loree said...

Awesome photo. You'll treasure it forever. I love TJ Maxx. Whenever we're in the States, I practically live there. Have a great week and...Happy Birthday. Have fun :)

Julie said...

It is so frustrating for me to go shopping for a very specific item and then never find it!! Ughh!! Good luck with the shirts!! :)