Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a little Food for Thought

'Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keeps You Humble, Success keeps you Glowing, BUT ONLY GOD KEEPS YOU GOING'.

I received this little, but wonderful, food for thought in an e-mail recently and wanted to share, and thought I would break it down because this is my take on it and what I got out of it, and hopefully it will be what someone needs to hear at the exact moment they needed to hear it.

Happiness keeps you sweet: Happiness always keeps the joy in our lives. It makes people want to be around us and it makes us just a little bit sweeter. It’s when people see us, they want just a little part of what’s inside of us, the sweetness of God that radiates off of us, and people can’t help but be drawn to us. So strive for happiness in every area of your life, so God can use you in the way that he intends.

Trials Keep You Strong: Wow, I think we all know about trials; the little ones and the gigantic ones. All I can say is thank God for trials. They strengthen our relationship with God and it puts himself in the position to remain our anchor to sustain us. There’s always the good that comes from every trial, and we don’t always see it in the midst of the trial, but it makes the trial worth going through. It gives us the opportunity to always be aware of his faithfulness and mercy, and to always give him the honor and the glory for getting us through to the other side of that trial.

Sorrows Keep You Human: Sorrow, everybody faces sorrow at one time or another. And it’s at that time when we might be facing our biggest trial yet, that God will show us or brings somebody into our life that is going through the same trial, or has gone through the same trial, and it’s then that you realize you are not alone in your circumstance. And then there’s somebody that can lift you up, be your prayer warrior, because they have been where you’ve been, they’ve called out to God with the same exact prayer and need, and have simply just cried out “help”, because that’s all the strength they had to muster out, and it’s then we realize we’re only human.

Failures keep you humble: We don’t like the word failure, but yet it’s inevitable that at some point in our life we’re going to fail. We’re going to let people down; we’re going to not treat people always the way they deserved to be treated. We’ll start out to do something, and in the end we might fail. But failure is what’s needed in our life and most importantly in our relationship with God. It keeps us dependent on God, to know that at those times when we might fail, mess up, feel like we’re beyond forgiveness and redemption, God will let us know that our forgiveness was given to us at the cross, because he knows we’re human and we’re going to sin, so he already took care of it. So forgive others, but most of all, forgive yourselves.

Success keeps you Glowing: Success keeps you in a state of continuous praise and giving thanks to God. Because without him, you couldn’t be successful in the things you set out to do. Your success can, believe it or not, motive others to be dependent on God for their success and not of the things of this world. Yes, it’s great to have the people in our lives who cheer us on and encourage us along the way, but let God be your motivator and ultimately, he is your BIGGEST cheerleader.

But only God keeps you going: This is what it all boils down to, enough said. Just say YES, and AMEN :)

May your day be filled with tender moments and sweet surprises along the way :)


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