Monday, May 21, 2012

Intentional blogging.

Once upon a time, this blogging thing came easy for me! Don't know where along the way it became so hard!

I guess I took a little bit of a break here, huh? Miss me? Don't answer that unless it's yes! ;) 

Just kidding.

Honestly and truthfully, blogging has become more of a "Oh, do I have to?" versus "Oh, but I want to." 

Make sense?

I want to be intentional with my blogging. I don't just want to say or talk about what I think people want to hear. I don't want to get mixed up in who is or who isn't reading or the number beside my follower count. Or, oh my gosh, this post doesn't have a picture in it, is anyone going to read? It's all the silly stuff we worry about.

So we're going to talk about intentional blogging for a second.

Why do we blog and who do we blog for? This is the question I've had to ask myself.

 Lets sit on this for a minute.

Somewhere I lost my intent. I searched my heart and knew I wasn't doing this blogging thing 100% for the right reasons. 90% of the time I would say my intentions were right, but that 10% was enough to be the joy sucker in this whole blogging thing. 

Truth is, I love blogging and I love having this space. I love sharing my life with you. I love the emails I've received over the course I've been blogging thanking me for a particular thing I've had to share and how my words have resonated with some of you. Not to mention ALL the wonderful people I've met. That makes it SO totally worth it. 

But I have to just be honest, I've been 10% flawed with this whole blogging thing! I'm not going anywhere, but I'm sure as heck moving forward with a new outlook on this little space I call my own.

I consider this blog post to be like a whole fresh, new start and a whole new way of thinking when it comes to the good ole' blog. I want to find the joy in blogging again and that starts here and now!

Any body else struggle with this?!?!?!?


BARBIE said...

Oh yes, my friend, I get it. I've been surviving on link ups. Not really "writing from my heart" much. I am right there with you!

Brittany said...

Wow, I just started following you and I am so inspired by this insightful post. I love the honesty, thanks for the great post! Brittany

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love this intentional blogging idea. It shouldn't be something you have to do, but an outlet when you want to say something. I have never promised to blog every day or by some other schedule, and I don't apologize when I don't post for a few days. I just pick up right where I left off! Because I have something to say today and I'm going to say. Intentionally!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

my hand is raised so high on this post! totally get it...sometimes i get so consumed with overthinking it that i can't even blog. i miss my earlier blogging days sometimes.

Mrs. Jones said...

I'm with you. But I'm about to get with it, because I need an outlet, so y'all are about to read some REAL words from me! Can't wait to see what is next from you!

Holly said...

do your thing chicken wing :) it's always better when you speak from the heart anway!