Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Defining Moment.

I was sharing with someone recently about a defining moment in my life and not sure if I've ever shared this on the blog ....

I was 16. I got my license in June. I didn't have to pay for my first car. It was an old Toyota Camry and even had the automatic seat belts. Anyone remember those? Ha! Like I said, did not have to pay for my car and so I was not about to be picky. I was just so happy to have a car and it was the carefree days of summer.

Fast forward to that December.  Was back in school for my Senior year of high school and on the way to a school function. I had a friend in the car with me. I was driving along and went way past the turn to where I was supposed to be going. And being the inexperienced driver I was and only had my license for 7 months, pull off the side of the road, ON A CURVE, and go to do a u-turn. I look, no car coming. I look the other way, no car coming.

I proceed.....


I did not see that one coming. Next thing you know I'm spinning and no clue what had just happened. What I do know is that your adrenaline shoots up in 2 seconds flat when you're in a car accident. My side was crushed in and couldn't get out on my side and so with a broken collarbone I hop out the passenger side. I was so disoriented, calling my Mom over and over again on her cell phone because she would not pick up, and worried about the other person laying on the ground outside of his truck.

I'll pause for a moment to say, the person in the other vehicle was fine and my friend in the car with me ended up being fine. I, however, was not..

I was totally at fault in this accident and the car was completely totaled.

Along with a broken collarbone they thought I might have a head injury. So before you know it I'm being airlifted by helicopter to an Orlando hospital. I remember bits and pieces from the accident scene but everything after that is really, really fuzzy!

What I do know and what was sobering and humbling is when they tell you that if the truck had been just inches closer you wouldn't be here today, because as I said I got hit on my side. To this day, brings me to tears just thinking about it, to think in reality I should not even be here, but God had other plans.

I thank him every day that he spared me, spared my life and protected my friend in the car with me and the other person in the other vehicle.

I often think back to that time, possibly one of the most scariest times of my life, and it opened my eyes to just how fragile life is, how things can literally change in seconds and you can't take any day for granted. To think one more inch of the truck could have made the difference between life and death for me.

It gives me goosebumps.

We all have defining moments. Maybe some not as severe as mine.

What's been your defining moment?


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Those kinds of accidents are so incredibly scary. My brother just had one of those on St. Patrick's Day and one inch and we would have a different story. We know that God has a plan for why things happen the way they do!

BARBIE said...

Oh Lauren, just reading this almost moved me to tears. I cannot imagine how scary this must have been for you. I am thankful for God's protection over you and the others involved.