Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here comes the sun.

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I'm speechless.

Just watch.

And make sure you have tissues.

I will never look at the grass and the sun the same.

(I know it looks like there’s nothing there, just click play arrow and it will play)


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... I totally started bawling my eyes out when they opened the gate... that look on that doggies face.

The things we do to aninmals is shocking to me...

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Awe!!!!!!!!!!! Those poor little doggies.

singleladyforJesus, solteraparaJesus, celibatairepourJesus said...

awww... they're really cute :)

but much more so are the kids i see on Reece's Rainbow who need families... ;) God is a God of restoration on ALL counts!

Holly said...

Those poor dogs! I cannot understand why anybody would think that animal testing is anything even CLOSE to morally acceptable. :(