Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching up.

Oddly, it hasn’t really been feeling much like Christmas around here. I think we’ve just all been so consumed with the medical stuff going on with my Mom’s husband, that we haven’t been able to think about much else.

He’s still in the hospital. Turns out that there was inflammation and fluid around the brain due to a reaction to an infection his body had at some point. This explains so many of the symptoms he was having. Good news is its totally treatable but he’ll be in the hospital until at least Wednesday or Thursday. They have him on medicine right now and will do another MRI of his brain to make sure the medicine is doing its job. And hopefully if all goes well, he’ll be home this week recouping from that and then can proceed with the heart valve replacement surgery later on down the road.

It was a blessing in disguise because if we hadn’t of brought him into the hospital for the heart, the brain situation could have gone undetected for much longer and don’t even want to think about what could have happened.

This hospital stay is taking a toll on both my Mom and him, and just an emotional time for all of us. They are just both ready to have him home, but he has been such a trooper. My mom has been so so wonderful. Such an example of the kind of wife I want to be some day. 

Just please continue praying for him and my Mom. There is still a little uncertainty and we don't have all the answers yet. I know they would appreciate it and so would I.

Aren't they the cutest??

We may not be doing the typical Christmas stuff right now and our minds may be far from that. But there is no place I’d rather be than by my family. This kind of stuff has a way of putting things into perspective. 

I have my Jesus and family and that’s all I need. Hope y’all are enjoying your Christmas season!


Makay said...

Amen. Family and Jesus are what makes Christmas- Christmas. Enjoy it. :)
I'm praying for him.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I've been keeping you all in my prayers. I hope they get to come home soon!!

Linds said...

praying for him so much friend! They are just precious!!!

Noelani said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Melissa said...

I've been praying for him. Hopefully he gets to go home soon and y'all can enjoy Christmas together!

ourhomeinprogress said...

I'm praying that he gets better asap and you guys can have a happy christmas!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Saying a prayer for your family today!

Brittany said...

Sorry to hear this - I'll be keeping him in my prayers. Also, you look so much like your mom!

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