Monday, November 14, 2011

Black belt.

And I don't mean karate! :)

I've said it once and I'll say it again! I am by no means a fashionista! Not by any stretch of the imagination. Ha!

But I love a good outfit. 

I love when that one piece ties the outfit all together!

Sunday outfit of the day. Like the chopped off head??? :) Ha!

Love accessorizing. Never thought to wear a belt with this, but it was the perfect touch! Don't you think?

How was everyone's weekend?? 

It was a beautiful weekend here. 

It was one of those weekends were it was Sunday evening and I just felt so extremely blessed. It was a weekend spent with family and friends. 

My cup overflows.

My pretty Momma and I at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch after church.

It's eerie how much we look alike in this picture.  I look at this and see my future self, ha!

Happy Monday!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Super cute! I'm always jealous of those that can pull off belts.. this "larger" body cant do it :)

Ahh - well you know you have a beautiful future to look forward to if you do end up looking like your momma (which I think you will too)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Pretty ladies! :)

Sunshinemeg said...

Your mommma is beautiful! You guys do look so much alike. Your smiles are identical. Too cute! Loved your dress with the belt too - great pairing!

Trina said...

Cute belt! And yes, you and your momma look alot alike!

Lindsey said...

Super cute!!! Love the black belt!

All Glam Things said...

Beautiful Dress! Looks Great on You! I'm totally loving your blog! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

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