Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Attitude shift.

Yesterday was kind of a cruddy day all around.

I felt like death all day. I have an ear infection and my throat was really really scratchy and irritated. I went to the doctor yesterday morning. They wrote me some prescriptions.

I go to Walgreens to pick up the medicine to where the lady kindly says, "That will be $70."

Crazy lady say what?

I wanted to say I know my ears are clogged up, but I know you didn't just say $70. I felt horrible and this was not the cherry on my sundae.

You see, last Friday I was so excited because it was a paycheck where I had no bills to be paid that week. It felt really great.

Then comes the $35 I pay to the doctor and $70 for medicine piled on top of that.

Way to bust my "I have no bills and paycheck is all mine" bubble :/

But I as I drove away from Walgreens mumbling under my breath, it hit me like a ton of bricks...

Lord, you are Jehovah Rophi, the God who provides.

He knew I'd need that $105 dollars. And in that moment, my attitude began to shift., and I praised him for a no bills paycheck. Would I have liked to have spent that $105 dollars on something else, heck yes! I could think of countless other things, and might have muttered at the end of that praise these ears drops better be made of gold, ha.

The point of this post isn't about co-pays or prescriptions, but the truth is.... God knows our need, even before we do. He is always faithful

I know there are people in third world countries that don't have access to medicine and doctors. I'm lucky and blessed in so many ways and God is continuously showing me that and pray that my eyes will always be open to recognize that.

And happy to say that with sleep and medicine..... I'm like a brand new person today!!

Just $105 poorer, ha!! :)


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Glad you are feeling better today! And I love that you always find the positive. You always are open to learning things and seeing God work. I should be more like that!

Linds said...

you are so right-- sometimes we just need to view life through different glasses. I needed to read this post-- thanks friend!

malloryjean said...

Such a positive entry. You have true perspective, and with that you will always be happy.