Monday, July 18, 2011

The question we all ask and answer.

"How are you doing?"

In any given day, how many times do we ALL get asked this????

And how many times do we automatically say "Oh fine" or "I'm great, and how are you???".... We all do it. Sometimes it can just be an automatic reaction and maybe other times it's just to take the focus off ourselves.

If someone asks me that question, I think if I were honest I'd say....

  • I woke this morning questioning God's plan for my future.
  • I drank another coke today when I've tried over and over again to quite caffeine.
  • I stayed in bed this morning when I know I should have got up and ran.
  • I wish money would grow on trees. Finances stress me out.
  • It sucks because I just found out I need new back tires for my car and my transmission is acting up. (But praise God that is under warranty).
  • It feels like I will NEVER get out of school.
  • Discipline in certain areas of my life I really struggle with.
  • I'm WAY to addicted to Words with Friends. I need help.
  • Will I ever get married and have kids?
  • Will I ever find contentment where God has me at this moment in time?
  • I really need to eat healthier.
  • My priorities can be way out of whack sometimes.
  • I struggle with making that quiet time with the Lord.
  • I pick up book after book, but why can't I consistently read my bible?
  • Sometimes fear holds me back.
  • I can struggle with jealousy.
  • I need to cherish the time with my family and friends more and know when to step back from technology.
  • I'm over my job but blessed to have one.
  • I stink at time management.
  • I wish I could step out of my comfort a little more.
And wow, just let me stop there!!

So, that one question..... "How are you?" .....The person would probably be sorry they asked......

But lets just be honest here....Today, how would you answer that question?? Ha!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Hmmm...Let's see! I'd have to answer:
-I'm tired.
-My poor baby is teething so badly and it makes my heart hurt to see him not feel well.
-I am too controlling of everything and need to learn to surrender it all to God.
-We are replacing our a/c unit. Yeah...I have a few other things a few thousand dollars could have been spent on instead!
-I need to think before I speak more.
-I need to be more forgiving and not hold a grudge.
-I also stayed in bed this morning and did not get up to run. :(

But Praise His Name--new mercies every day! Maybe tomorrow will be better when I ask you "How are you?" :)

Linds said...

I'm a fairly new reader-- Jenna told me about your blog.

I love this post! One of my pet peeves in life is people who aren't honest about what's really going on. I normally answer the question "how are you?" honestly, and get some STRANGE looks when I don't give the typical answer :) Today my answer really is "good, blessed" but ask me on an off day and you're likely to get a loaded answer :)

Ashley said...

I love it. It is true when people ask they don't really want to know what is on your mind. BUT if people started telling them...I bet people would stop asking lol.

I would say...
-worn out and exhausted from a busy weekend
-frustrated that I can't find the right coupon to go grocery shopping (lame I know)

Kimberley said...

what a great post!! i should do one like this too! i think the natural reaction is to answer "good". but i honestly need to answer "blessed". simple as that.

Lianna Knight said...

SO true!!! I do a lot of hiding my true feeling too...but, with all the negative things going on around us and to us, no one loves us more than our Father. So hold tight to that...He'll see you through :)

Whitney said...

I'm the same way! My honest answer would not be pretty either! Love you!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I should have sent you a text response like this...LOL. These thoughts go through my mind ALL THE TIME. :/


Rebecca Jo said...

That is so the truth.. I would say, "I'm stressed beyond stressed" but if someone would really ask, I'd just say, "I'm good - thanks" ... how stupid is that that we do that... sigh..

& how are you playing Words with Friends & not playing me in a game? & sorry to make your addiction worse, but I'm in love with "hanging with friends" too - super fun! rebeccajo777 if you have time for one more partner :) haha!

Mrs. Jones said...

Such a great post. I can totally relate. Today, I'd have to say I'm stressed, feeling a little too fluffy, and anxious to get to work on the things I love - compared to the things I just have to do. XOXO!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh i love this post friend...such truth. today mine would be i feel behind in everything, i'm worn out, and i really need to limit my bravotv intake.

Kassie said...

I adore you. :)

And I actually think of this everytime I or someone else answers "fine." It's never fine. It's wonderful or frustrating or amazing or painful.

Sunshinemeg said...

So true. This question is asked so many times during the day and while I always just answer good, sometimes I want to punch the person asking. Scary, I know, but honestly how are you supposed to answer. No one wants to hear the truth when you are having a crappy day! Love this post.

Katie said...

Lauren, SO true! Someone asked me just this morning, and I said "Good" although I was thinking "If they only knew."

Today I would answer this question "sad."

Becca said...

Oh girl, I love honest people :-) thanks for sharing how you're really doing today! (ps - mine would be I'm SO giant and pregnant I feel like I cant move haha oh AND I'm sick and tired of all this house stuff!)

Justin and Jessica said...

I loved this post! Today I am feeling tired, stressed, uncomfortable and huge from this pregnancy, and so happy that it is the weekend!

Newlymeds said...

Glad someone said it out loud!

A said...

I think we may be long lost twins. :) Right on, I agree!

Nancy said...

I think we all are feeling that way every now & then! You have a precious blog & I sometimes see your encouraging comments on others blogs. Hoping you feel much better today!