Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing but randoms for you!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This week flew!

Oh, what’s that, you wanted some Friday randoms?

Sure thing! Let’s get started…..

I am like obsessed with these things right now! So good!!

My friend Whitney called me last night and when she called her number came up and not her name and I knew she was plugged into my phone. So when I answered she was like heeeeyyy, and I was like who is this?? Ha! She’s an out of town number and It puzzled me that her name didn’t come up. Come to find out, I noticed that somehow all the numbers in my phone got DELETED! NOT COOL!! Ugh!

Okay, for all those who love the show Modern Family… Am I the only one that had NO CLUE that Julie Bowen…AKA: Claire, was Adam Sandler’s love interest in the movie Happy Gilmore.

She does not look the same at all, so I never put two and two together. Just humor me and say you didn’t know either! :) Apparently I wouldn't do so well in a game of Modern Family trivia, ha!

I have a date next Saturday night, and believe it or not it’s not with an EHarmony guy. To be continued…… And yep, gives me a WHOLE week to be nervous!

Speaking of Eharmony, got an email from them with the title "Top 20 movies that make men cry"... ha. In case you were wondering:

Brian’s Song
Saving Private Ryan
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Natural
Shawshank Redemption
Schindler’s List
Old Yeller
The Pride of the Yankees
Terms of Endearment
The Iron Giant
Big Fish
Million Dollar Baby
Life is Beautiful
Love Actually
The Pianist
Mystic River
To Kill a Mockingbird

So, for you all with men, is this true??? HA!

Our town has a Saturday morning market that they only do this time of year in our downtown. I have never been before but I’m going tomorrow morning. Will be fun to enjoy the morning outside and just walk around.

I’m really excited because this week I found out I am going to be able to go to North Carolina the whole week after Christmas with my family. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go, but the cards played out right and I am. This Florida girl hopes she might see some snow.

Excited that I get some BFF time this weekend.

I am going to make myself a poor homeowner someday. Called my Mom up this morning saying I didn’t think my AC was working in the house. Turns out that’s not the case, but it’s a definite case of not knowing how to work my own AC. Is there an AC book for dummies? Please let me know if there is.

I was about to reach my boiling point with my hair this morning. For a split second I considered shaving it all off. Speaking of boiling point (and totally random which I guess keeps with the theme of this post), remember the show “Boiling point” on MTV?

I am so extremely blessed and I never want to forget that, and God in his infinite ways will always remind me of that when I do. He’s cool like that!

Y’all, I am so behind on blogs. It’s a constant game of catch-up!! Maybe this weekend? We shall see!

Have a GREAT Friday!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Have a great weekend! And have fun at your market! Sounds fun!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ha! Loved this post! Who knew Julie Bowen was in Happy Gilmore?! Glad you can go home for the holidays!!

Whitney said...

Love Actually? Seriously?

Rosie said...

Randoms are my favorite. And the best way to play catch-up.
I'm surprised about the Love Actually movie. I thought it was more girlie.
Ans I would have NEVER guessed that Julie Bowen was the same girl in Happy Gilmore. Wow! She def. looks better with age. Did you know she just had twins recently. I wish I had her body after baby!
Glad you get to go to N .Carolina w/your family. How fun!

Susanne said...

Startbust reminds me of my primary school there was an automat for it, lol

Jennifer said...

I didn't realize that was her either! She looks way better now in my opinion!

Annie said...

i have never had or heard of those candies and they are the last thing i need right now but you have convinced me to try them, haha! ;)
i'm so excited for you and your upcoming date!!
have a great time at the market this weekend and enjoy your time with your bestie!!
happy friday!!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

that movie list is too funny! and i love those gummie starbursts. i want some now :-)

mrsashcake said...

i have spent the last few nights trying desperately to catch up on blogs... it is insane how behind i am! haha

Justin and Jessica said...

I love random lists! I hope you have a very fun weekend! :)

Breakfast At Toast said...

I had NO idea Julie Bowen was in Happy Gilmore. She looks so so different. I don't watch modern family but plan to start. I've heard it's really funny.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Ugh, I'm so far behind on blogs too. I think I need to do some house cleaning and unfollow some, because seriously, I can't get through all of them.

I'm so excited about your date! And yippee for a Christmas with the family!