Thursday, August 20, 2009

Answers revealed!

Last week I did a Q & A and here are some of the questions that were asked along with the answers revealed :)

Miss Honeydew asked: I have always wanted to know (about) how old are you? You look so young but seem so wise!

Well, I am 25 (I know I look much younger) going on 90, haha!!! I've always had people mistake me for much much younger. Will work to my advantage when I'm older, ha! But I have always had people tell me that I'm an old soul.

Kim asked: Do you have a boyfriend/husband & Have you ever been to Charleston, SC?


For you to be so young, how do you find the time & faith to walk along the road with Jesus?
[I am a wife & mother, and young myself, & have a hard time following Jesus daily, I'd love to get more involved but some times I give up & know I shouldn't] Pray for me Please!

Nope, currently I do not have a boyfriend/husband! The road has been rough when it seems like everyone around me is getting married or having kids. But I'm reminded that I'm not alone in my singleness and right now I'm perfectly content in walking this road with God until he brings me to that person, or brings that person to me. I've come to realize that this time is preparation for when that times does come.

I've never been to Charleston, SC, but I have been to Columbia, SC, and Myrtle Beach, SC. But if you have an extra room I'll come visit ya, ha!

Kim, there is no perfect solution, everyone's walk with Jesus is different. At times I fail miserably in this area when at times all these things in life can block out that time that we need to be spending with him. With work and school, it's not always easy and I can imagine with being a wife and a mother and with all the responsbilities, it can't be easy for you either. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just continue praying that the Lord will allow you to carve out those times to be with him, in the meanwhile, he knows your heart!

Lindsey asked: What is your favorite place in the whole world?

I actually have two answers for this. The beach and the mountains!! To me, you get the best of both worlds. They both are so calming and peaceful. There is no other place in the world other than the mountains where I can fully sense just how big God is in the midst of feeling so small among those huge mountains. It's just beautiful to me and love it! And then there's the beach. There are many times where I've just been by myself on the beach and just had a good cry just at the beauty of it all. In the midst of the crashing waves and the sun, I feel like that's my meeting place with God. Someplace where I can just sit and bask in the beauty of it all.

Aishlea asked: If you could travel to one place you have never been, where would you go?

It has always been my dream to go on a mission’s trip and I really hope one day this dream will come to fruition. So I guess in answer to this question I’d have to say anywhere where I could go on a mission’s trip and have that experience. Oh, and Paris, Tuscany, London, Jamaica, and Fiji wouldn’t be bad either, haha!!! So I guess that was multiple answers for you, ha!

Mrs. Realife asked: If you were the character in a movie, who would it be and what movie?

Okay, this question would have been really hard up until just recently. But after watching the Titanic this past weekend, I would have to say Rose from the Titanic. Which might seem kind of odd because it's such a sad movie and I'm going down with a ship. But seriously, one scene that really stuck out with me was when Rose got put on the life boat to be taken to safety and then all of sudden she hopped off the life boat and back on the ship to be with Jack. All the while knowing she was putting her life in danger but wanting to be with the one she loved. To me, that was the ultimate act of love. And to be loved like that by Jack, and to love someone so much that you're willing to risk all that...yeah, I'd pick Rose. That was such a defining scene, and depicted so well how much they loved each other!

Sneaky Momma asked: What line of work are you in? I just love that you enjoy hanging out with your colleagues!

I have been working at a law office as a receptionist/do anything and everything that no one cares to do, haha!! It is so much more than just answering the phone, believe me. And I do work with a great group of people who are like family to me. Heck, I see them more than my own family, ha!!

Thank you for such great questions and hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and I've so enjoyed getting to know all of you friends out there!!!

Oh, and I just have some exciting news to share. I never did tell you that my cousin/bff got engaged. Her and her Fiance have been together for a long time, so it's not going to be a long engagement. They are getting married in November and guess where they're getting married and guess who's going?????

I found out yesterday they are getting married in the Bahamas and so in November I'm going to the Bahamas for a weekend to take part in their big day!!!! YAY for weddings and especially weddings in the Bahamas!!! Oh yeah!!!


Annie said...

i love getting to learn about you!!
i'm totally jealous that you will be going to the Bahamas!! you lucky girl! that is going to be somuchfun!! :)

Lindsey said...

Fun post, love it!!

Emily said...

You got some good questions and I loved reading your answers! My favorite was the one about singleness because that's the road I'm currently on, and yes it can be tough at times... but God is SO in control! It's exciting to think that he's got our husbands already planned, and He's just waiting for the perfect time to introduce us to them.

And the Bahamas? Now that's just awesome :)

Southern Belle said...

Yeah, I follow her blog. Nice to know someone else is doing the same thing. My it sure is hard!!!!!

Whitney said...

I thought I asked a question. Did I not ask a question?!?!
Love the Bahamas!

Rebecca Jo said...

WHOOO HOOO - the Bahamas! Now that's going to be a fun wedding!

Titantic... that part gets me every time too.. but it makes me SOOO mad every time I watch it. Jack was SOOO smart - why didnt he think of taking doors off to stay afloat on?? UGH! Loved "Rose" in the movie though... great character!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Oh, I love reading more about you!

I have to agree with you on mountains and the beach!

Also, I hope you do get to go on a missions trip. I've been 4 times, and each one was precious and an amazing experience!! :)

♥Kim said...

Ugh.. Lucky you!!! :) That should be tones of fun!!!

Thanks for answering all of our questions, and for the sweet post!

Loved getting to know you more! I continue to learn more as the post go on! :)

Staci said...

What a great idea for a post! Loved finding out more about you. Also, how cool is the trip to Bahamas!! Have fun!

Ashley said...

I love question and answer posts - such a fun way to get to know bloggers!

What an awesome excuse to get to go to the Bahamas! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Spicy Magnolia said...

I loved this!!

Wishing you a wonderful last night of school, too. :)

kristi said...

yay for the Bahamas! Can't wait to see photos!

Justin and Jessica said...

Loved reading your answers! :)

Bahamas! Have fun - you are such a world traveler! Soon you'll be heading to Las Vegas!