Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lessons to be learned through the aches and pains

Okay… I’m going to give you a funny visual. Before I left for my Maine trip my cousin Melissa and I had the bright idea that we were going to join the local wellness center and this week we started working out three days a week at the ungodly hour of 5:30am and now at the age of 24 I’m hobbling around like a 90 year old. The first day we worked on legs and so it took about a day for that to start hurting and then Wednesday we worked out the arms, and so now today, those are hurting. So now the whole body is hurting, from the head, straight down to the ankles, lol… and we’re suppose to go tomorrow morning and work out again, lol. I have no excuse to be this sore, and goes to show that I need to keep this up because the body was seriously lacking exercise, and now it’s screaming at me saying “see”, I told you so!! LOL!!

I’m really hoping I can stick this out because I know how important exercise is and it’s something I don’t get enough of. The problem with me is I’ve always needed accountability when it comes to this and it’s so nice to be able to have somebody to work out with, especially, Mel, who is like my best friend, so now we get to see each other a lot more, even if it’s us being together glued to our IPODS, lol, just us simply being together is nice.

I tell you all this because it’s amazing to me how you can relate anything to God. Sometimes what God may have us walking through causes us some aches and pains, discomfort, and you wish you could take a pain pill to make it all go away, but he has us walk it out, press through, and the longer we’re in the circumstance the stronger he is making us to get to the other side. Make sense?

There’s always pain to go through and lessons to be learned…

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Holly said...

You're a good writer! I can just see you hobbling around. Really thought provoking. Good blog! I think we go to the same gym.. I am not going to be there at 530am though- lol